Welcome to Wandering Mojave Hiking Services

2020 is our very first year offering guided hiking experiences in Joshua Tree National Park.  Please explore our site and don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

The Basics

Travis Puglisi, Wandering Mojave's lead hiking guide, has been exploring the trails and backcountry of Joshua Tree National Park for 20 years.

Leveraging a Local

Wandering Mojave is a locally owned and operated hiking guide service that operates exclusively within Joshua Tree National Park.  

Lead Guide Travis Puglisi has spent the last 20 years wandering, on and off the trails, learning the secrets of the landscape and how to respectfully move through it.  

When you reserve a hiking session with him you’ll be leveraging his time and countless miles to gain insights, hear stories, and capture views that speak to the dynamic landscape and its unique inhabitants.

Hiking in the Coxcomb Mountains, Joshua Tree National Park

Find Your Hike

Travis invites you to have a look at Ways to Wander where you’ll find a list of hiking themes meant to inspire and provide options for how you or your group would like to experience Joshua Tree National Park on foot. 

You can find more ideas and points of interest by having a look at our Photo Gallery 

Have a specific route in mind but want a guide along to share knowledge and have your back?  Wandering Mojave Hiking Services can do that too.  Help us learn more by completing our Reservation Inquiry Form.


Hike Lengths

Half Day Hike In Joshua Tree National Park

  • Up to 5.75 hours
  • No limit on miles 
  • Includes ¾’s of an hour of drive time to and from trailhead

Full Day Hike in Joshua Tree National Park

  • Up to 9.75 hours 
  • No limit on miles 
  • Includes ¾’s of an hour of drive time to and from trailhead
  • Full Day’s offer our best time to dollar spent ratio….Pay Less and Go Farther

Big Horn Sheep skull found while hiking near Stubbe Springs, Joshua Tree National Park.

Group Options

Private: 1 Guide and 1 Guest

Closed Group: Up to 5 friends and family

Open Group: You and up to 4 people you've never met