Lead Hiking Guide Travis Puglisi on rock pile near Upper Covington Flats, Joshua Tree National Park.

Who Is Wandering Mojave?

Who Is Wandering Mojave?

Who Is Wandering Mojave?

Travis Puglisi, the Owner/Operator and Lead Guide for Wandering Mojave Hiking Services, is a 20 year resident of the Mojave Desert and logs nearly 200 miles annually on foot within the boundaries of Joshua Tree National Park.  Over the years and miles, Travis has cultivated an awareness of landscape, ecological systems, and local culture that when contextualized by the trail becomes a story he is committed to sharing with new and returning park visitors.

Geographic South Pole with Aurora.  Austral Winter 2007.  Photo Credit: Travis Puglisi

Beyond Joshua Tree

Who Is Wandering Mojave?

Who Is Wandering Mojave?

His love of the Mojave became a love of places both remote and wide open.  Between 2004 and 2008 Travis spent 27 months working on the Antarctic continent.  From 2011-2014 Travis would travel annually to the Black Rock Desert of Nevada to spend up to a month building and managing camps at the Burning Man Festival.  In 2015 Travis worked as a steward, trail builder, and handyman at UC Riverside's remote Sweeney Granite Mountain Desert Research Center which is part of the University of California’s Natural Reserve System.

Hiking Guide Travis Puglisi emptying dumpster in Joshua Tree National Park during last govt shutdown. Photo Credit: Seth Zaharias


Who Is Wandering Mojave?


Travis is currently a Community Ranger for the Mojave Desert Land Trust, where he monitors and gathers data on formerly private lands that are now protected in perpetuity as wildlife linkages.  Travis has acted as volunteer crew and organizer during the last two Government Shutdowns that impacted Joshua Tree National Park.  In 2010 Travis helped found the still active Transition Joshua Tree, which aims to foster community resilience in the aim of climate change.

Philosophy & Values

Mountain Lion track in dry mud.  Found while hiking near Long Canyon, Joshua Tree National Park

Adventure...A Part of the Whole

Wandering Mojave Hiking Services aims to expand on the meaning of adventure by acknowledging the parts that make up the whole...1) Being exposed to the previously unseen or unknown; 2) Using the landscape to connect body and mind in a way that pushes boundaries; 3) Feeling seen and heard as a unique human being by those that guide our experience.

Boulder Pile, Rattlesnake Canyon.  Joshua Tree National Park

Everyone Has Something to Learn

And it's not just the guests who hire Wandering Mojave Hiking Services.  Owner/Operator and Lead Guide, Travis Puglisi, knows that every person and group he shares time in Joshua Tree National Park with expands his knowledge of the the world, both immediate and beyond.  Humans are social creatures and without exchanges of world views our resilience to changes begins to diminish.

Hearts in Shadow and Stone.  Photo Credit: Kali Poulin

Everyone is Welcome

Wandering Mojave Hiking Services will be pleased to host individuals and groups regardless of personal history, physical and emotional challenges, political affiliations, or lifestyle choices.  We believe that all people are valuable and made small beneath the Mojave sky, and thus equal in the eyes of the desert.